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Bracing & Orthotics


Formfit® Knee Hinged Lateral J is a sleeve-design knee brace with a breathable Lycra-material and open popliteal area with two removeable hinges and J-shaped buttress providing support to the patella.

The Orthomen brace is designed to provide stability and support following injury or reconstruction of the ACL/PCL/LCL, The Functional ACL Knee Brace features a lightweight sturdy frame lined with durable soft goods for the combination of optimum support and comfort. This is the perfect brace for those active patients needing additional support during recovery.

The Vive Shoulder Immobilizer stabilizes arm, shoulder, and rotator cuff when recovering from injury or surgery. the integrated thumb loop provides extra support and reduces fatigue. The reversable sling can be worn on either arm and evenly distributes weight to reduce pain and pressure. Patients can stay cool and comfortable all day in the machine washable material.

The new DonJoy® UltraSling PRO takes the next step in providing comfort, compliance and convenience to help improve the post-operative experience for you and your patients. The unique design helps immobilize and support the patient’s arm and shoulder with a comfortable universal sling and shoulder strap option that’s easy to apply and adjust. Telescoping, customizable straps may be easily trimmed to fit a wide range of patients. A new ‘shoulder ring’ slides easily over the arm in supine or sitting position and helps evenly distribute weight taking pressure off the neck. A removable contoured cushion helps provide abduction and relieves pressure on the ulnar nerve.


The Alpha Medical Shoulder Immobilizer & Sling is designed to gently cradle the arm in the bent position from the elbow to the hand. The sling can be separated from the pillow and used independently. The shoulder strap is made from a soft dual ply material, and there is an adjustable pad over the top of the shoulder. The shoulder strap is adjustable w/Velcro at both ends of the sling. The pillow is made of foam formed to nestle against the side of the body. Can be used for the left or right arm.


The Shock Doctor Knee Brace with Dual Wrap & Heavy-Duty Hinges will help keep your patients in the game with targeted support. No matter what patella tracking issue they have, the dual wrap and hinge is adjustable enough to cover any tracking issues. The high-level of support features lateral stability to help stabilize their knee to help with recovery or to help prevent injury. The four-way stretch spandex (elastane) mesh at back of knee is for comfortable flex and ventilation. This brace fits left or right.


The Bregs Recover Knee Brace combines the low-profile nature of a hinged ligament knee brace with the functionality of a post-operative brace. This product is available in wraparound style in both long and short lengths. The wraparound design allows patients to apply the brace with ease. The Recover Knee brace utilizes the patented T Scope user-friendly hinge, which offers range of motion control of the knee with simple, quick adjustments. The universal design accommodates both right and left leg procedures. 

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